26 Oct. 2018 – “Teamwork” – Allianz MI
26 Oct. 2018 – “Decidere nell’incertezza” – Univ. Reggio Emilia
27 Oct. 2018 – CFT Mantova
9 Nov. 2018 – “Leadership for a sustainable Future” – Key Energy – Rimini
15 Nov. 2018 – “Non smettere di sognare” – Assoc. “Io ci vado” – UD
17 Nov. 2018 – “Cost of the Future” – TEDxALK – Warsaw
22 Nov. 2018 – “Strategic Leadership for sustainable Future” – Top Management Forum – MI
23 Nov. 2018 – “Decidere nell’incertezza” – Battistolli Group – FI
14 Dec. 2018 – CFT Pavia
15 Dec. 2018 – SFC Bergamo
5-9 Jan. 2019 – TRIUM Global EMBA – Silicon Valley CA

Hello everyone☺

I consider myself a very lucky person, a dreamer!
I have always been working very hard for my team and for those persons close to me.
Driven by a very strong curiosity and willingness to learn, I have achieved all my objectives with humility, strong dedication, sense of duty, respect and loyalty.
My professional career began in the Italian Air Force Academy where I graduated; I went through Pilot training in the United States and I flew as Fighter Bomber/Recce and as an Instructor.
After that, in 1998, I joined the Italian Aerobatic Team, Frecce Tricolori, an autonomous Squadron representing Italian Army and supporting diplomatic and Italian industries around the world. I flew as Wingman and Formation Leader and finally I became Commander, the equivalent of a CEO role in a company.
In 2011 I joined Ferrari Spa as an Executive Consultant. I have been working in Formula 1 then HR, finally I became the Corporate Risk Manager until May 2017.
In 2015 I founded my own Company, the MT – Meta Thinking “Thinking above, beyond, behind”, and I am an Advisor, an Executive Coach, and a Global Speaker.
I’ve always been working in international, multicultural contexts dealing with any kind of people: Military, Diplomatics, Statesmen, CEOs, and facing delicate situations … even with Gheddafi!
Dynamic, I am into Corporate Strategy, Innovation and I love Art!
I like new challenges and I always strive to improve myself; thinking disruptive is my prerogative together with understanding and creating my own idea with full respect of everybody else’s one.
What else?
Oh yes … thank you very much for your visit 🙂 and if you are curious, you will find a lot more here!



Download my CV

My professional career and the extraordinary human experience, gained in the management of a team which carries out a critical activity, allow me to provide companies with advisory services, coaching as well as motivation training activities, based on real-life experiences which help create the ideal environment to produce change, high performances and innovation!


Advisor on the following subjects: Corporate Strategy and Management, Change Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Culture and HR.

Mentor & Executive Coach

Coaching is an instrument which helps people to find out the most adequate strategies to reach their own objectives such as: increasing potentialities connected to personal leadership; identifying the obstacles or limits of self management and of our co-workers; directing leadership methods towards motivation and business efficiency through practical means.

Global speaker

Speeches on the following subjects:

Leadership, High Performance Team Management, Change Management, Risk & Crisis Management, Disruptive Thinking & Innovation.


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Courtesy of: Lab. Fotografico Pan, Katsuhiko Tokunaga, Studio Fotografico Colombo

19th Oct. 2018

“Condurre un Impresa”


5th Oct. 2018



4th Oct. 2018

“High Perfomance Team”


2nd Oct. 2018

“Sostenibilità” Salone CSR
Uni Bocconi – MI


30th Sept. 2018

Wired Festival – Firenze


28th-29th Sept. 2018



27th Sept. 2018

“Disruptive Thinking & Innovation”


26th Sept. 2018

“EU Forum for New Ideas”
Katowice PL


25th Sept. 2018

Allianz – MI


22th Sept. 2018

“Driving Innovation”
Villa Bartolini UD


18th Sept. 2018

“Maximisation of business results in strategic projects”
C-Level Round Table – Warsaw


15th Sept. 2018

“Progetto Garda Valley”


11th Sept. 2018

Allianz – BA


2nd-3rd Sept. 2018

London School of Economics

31st May 2018

Allianz – MI


Apr. – Jul. 2018

“Fincantieri for the Future” Project


May 25th 2018

“Driving Innovation” – Executive Management Program
SDA Bocconi Milan


22nd Jul. 2018

“High Performance Team Management”
BIP – Stadio San Siro MI


19th – 20th Jul. 2018

“Corporate Culture”


6th Jul. 2018

“Change as an opportunity”
Allianz – Greece


2th – 4th Jul. 2018

MAC – Siena


1st Jul. 2018

Villa Bartolini – Tammaro Opening


10th Jul. 2018

Allianz – MI


25th – 26th Jun. 2018

Allianz – Allianz Stadium TO


16th Jun. 2018

“Driving Innovation”
PSM SDA Bocconi – MI


5th Jun. 2018

“Change as an Opportunity”
Reale Group


4th Jun. 2018


May 11th 2018

“High Performance Team”
Janssen – MI


Apr 18th 2018

“Cambiamento come opportunità”
Disney – MI


Mar 12th 2018

“Team and ERM”
Confindustria Pordenone


Mar 9th 2018

“ERM as a Competitive Advantage”
IMA – Bologna


Feb 22nd 2018

“Silver Music Radio” Interview


Feb 22nd 2018

“Business Leadership in a Time of Disruption”
Organisational Design ESTE – Milan


Feb 21st 2018

“Collaborative Operations”
ABB – Genoa

Feb 19th-20th 2018

“ERM on Purchasing”
Pirelli – Milan


Feb 2nd 2018

“Team & Change”
WTG – Milano


Jan 17th 2018

“ERM as a Competitive Advantage”
IMA – Bologna


Jan 16th 2018

“High Performance Team”
SGS – Camogli GE


Jan 13th 2018

“ERM as a Competitive Advantage”
Barclays Private Bank Monaco – Cannes FR


Dec 20th 2017

“Change as an Opportunity”
Abenergie – Madonna di Campiglio


Nov 28th 2017

“High performance Team”
Amadeus – Milan


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TESTIMONIAL “Pedofilia e Omertà” Camera dei Deputati, December 2016

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