2nd-3rd Sept. 2018 – London School of Economics TRIUM Global EMBA
11th Sept. 2018 – “Coaching” – Allianz – BA
15th Sept. 2018 – “Progetto Garda Valley” – Verona
18th Sept. 2018 – “Maximisation of business results in strategic projects” – C-Level Round Table – Warsaw
22th Sept. 2018 – “Driving Innovation” – Villa Bartolini UD
25th Sept. 2018 – “Teamwork” – Allianz – MI
26th Sept. 2018 – “EU Forum for New Ideas” – Katowice PL
27th Sept. 2018 – “Disruptive Thinking & Innovation” – Torino
28th-29th Sept. 2018 – “Leadership” – Cagliari
30th Sept. 2018 – “Simplification” – Wired Festival – Firenze
2th Oct. 2018 – “Sostenibilità” Salone CSR – Uni Bocconi – MI
4th Oct. 2018 – “High Perfomance Team” – Como
5th Ott. 2018 – “Innovation” – Rome
19th Ott. 2018 – “Condurre un Impresa” – Pordenone

Hello everyone☺

I consider myself a very lucky person, a dreamer!
I have always been working very hard for my team and for those persons close to me.
Driven by a very strong curiosity and willingness to learn, I have achieved all my objectives with humility, strong dedication, sense of duty, respect and loyalty.
My professional career began in the Italian Air Force Academy where I graduated; I went through Pilot training in the United States and I flew as Fighter Bomber/Recce and as an Instructor.
After that, in 1998, I joined the Italian Aerobatic Team, Frecce Tricolori, an autonomous Squadron representing Italian Army and supporting diplomatic and Italian industries around the world. I flew as Wingman and Formation Leader and finally I became Commander, the equivalent of a CEO role in a company.
In 2011 I joined Ferrari Spa as an Executive Consultant. I have been working in Formula 1 then HR, finally I became the Corporate Risk Manager until May 2017.
In 2015 I founded my own Company, the MT – Meta Thinking “Thinking above, beyond, behind”, and I am an Advisor, an Executive Coach, and a Global Speaker.
I’ve always been working in international, multicultural contexts dealing with any kind of people: Military, Diplomatics, Statesmen, CEOs, and facing delicate situations … even with Gheddafi!
Dynamic, I am into Corporate Strategy, Innovation and I love Art!
I like new challenges and I always strive to improve myself; thinking disruptive is my prerogative together with understanding and creating my own idea with full respect of everybody else’s one.
What else?
Oh yes … thank you very much for your visit 🙂 and if you are curious, you will find a lot more here!



Download my CV

My professional career and the extraordinary human experience, gained in the management of a team which carries out a critical activity, allow me to provide companies with advisory services, coaching as well as motivation training activities, based on real-life experiences which help create the ideal environment to produce change, high performances and innovation!


Advisor on the following subjects: Corporate Strategy and Management, Change Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Culture and HR.


Coaching is an instrument which helps people to find out the most adequate strategies to reach their own objectives such as: increasing potentialities connected to personal leadership; identifying the obstacles or limits of self management and of our co-workers; directing leadership methods towards motivation and business efficiency through practical means.

Global speaker

Speeches on the following subjects:

Leadership, High Performance Team Management, Change Management, Risk & Crisis Management, Disruptive Thinking & Innovation.


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Courtesy of: Lab. Fotografico Pan, Katsuhiko Tokunaga, Studio Fotografico Colombo

22nd Jul. 2018

“High Performance Team Management”
BIP – Stadio San Siro MI


19th – 20th Jul. 2018

“Corporate Culture”


6th Jul. 2018

“Change as an opportunity”
Allianz – Greece


2th – 4th Jul. 2018

MAC – Siena


1st Jul. 2018

Villa Bartolini – Tammaro Opening


10th Jul. 2018

Allianz – MI


25th – 26th Jun. 2018

Allianz – Allianz Stadium TO


16th Jun. 2018

“Driving Innovation”
PSM SDA Bocconi – MI


5th Jun. 2018

“Change as an Opportunity”
Reale Group


4th Jun. 2018


31st May 2018

Allianz – MI


Apr. – Jul. 2018

“Fincantieri for the Future” Project


May 25th 2018

“Driving Innovation” – Executive Management Program
SDA Bocconi Milan


May 11th 2018

“High Performance Team”
Janssen – MI


Apr 18th 2018

“Cambiamento come opportunità”
Disney – MI


Mar 12th 2018

“Team and ERM”
Confindustria Pordenone


Mar 9th 2018

“ERM as a Competitive Advantage”
IMA – Bologna


Feb 22nd 2018

“Silver Music Radio” Interview


Feb 22nd 2018

“Business Leadership in a Time of Disruption”
Organisational Design ESTE – Milan


Feb 21st 2018

“Collaborative Operations”
ABB – Genoa

Feb 19th-20th 2018

“ERM on Purchasing”
Pirelli – Milan


Feb 2nd 2018

“Team & Change”
WTG – Milano


Jan 17th 2018

“ERM as a Competitive Advantage”
IMA – Bologna


Jan 16th 2018

“High Performance Team”
SGS – Camogli GE


Jan 13th 2018

“ERM as a Competitive Advantage”
Barclays Private Bank Monaco – Cannes FR


Dec 20th 2017

“Change as an Opportunity”
Abenergie – Madonna di Campiglio


Nov 28th 2017

“High performance Team”
Amadeus – Milan


Nov 16th 2017

“How to create trust in your team”
Forum HR – Milan


Oct 26th 2017

“Business Leadership in a time of disruption”
Singularity University – Warsaw Poland


Oct 13th 2017

“Driving Innovation”
Executive Management Program – SDA Bocconi Milan


Oct 2nd 2017

“Enterprise Risk Management Course”
Bosch – Milan


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TESTIMONIAL “Pedofilia e Omertà” Camera dei Deputati, December 2016

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